Financial Company

Boston, MA

170,000 SF

LEED Gold Certification

A future-thinking workplace for the client that reflects each location’s unique character and maximizes employee satisfaction.
The Switzer Group first developed a distinctive work environment for the client in Philadelphia, a hoteling workplace without offices. The Boston location took this initiative to the next level, representing the full application of the client’s Workplace 20/20 program that established standards for the future of their multiple work environments. This single 170,000 sf location provided an opportunity to centralize the many user groups spread across multiple offices in Boston, through consolidation and densification. Providing full architectural design services, commencing with programming and test-fits, The Switzer Group took the WP 20/20 standards and adapted them to the Boston location, playing with contrast, materials, texture and lighting to create a unique application without appearing too standardized. Boston represents a shift back to the original character and personality of the Wells Fargo brand, looking to the future, while respecting where they came from.

The new space provides options for team members to work in a variety of ways and was designed to support three different footprint stations: a general workplace zone, an acoustically treated quiet workplace zone and a collaborative workplace zone. From height adjustable workstations (sit to stand) to collaborative zones and quiet zones, the flexible work environment is suitable for all types of work styles. A fresh and vibrant color scheme was rolled out, along with new furniture and finishes for the reception area, as well as multi-sized conference rooms and other support areas, workstations, focus rooms, huddle rooms, collaborative spaces, mediascape room, cafe, and upgrades to the mechanical and sprinkler systems. A living green wall feature was incorporated into the reception area to promote a healthy, sustainable work environment and the project overall obtained LEED Gold certification.

In addition to the Boston, MA location, The Switzer Group has designed work environments for the client in Danbury, CT; Tyson, VA; Paramus, NJ; Wilmington, De; Philadelphia, PA; and many more.

This space was designed to support three different footprint stations: general workplace zone, quiet workplace zone and collaborative workplace zone. The components that differentiated these spaces varied with storage space, height adjustable desks/tables and guest seating.

A living green wall feature was incorporated into the reception area to promote a healthy, sustainable work environment as well as obtaining LEED Gold certification. The conference and private focus rooms were acoustically treated (for sound absorption) by utilizing fabric wrapped panels and by building the walls beyond the ceiling height through to the deck above.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Walt Disney