Roku – New York

5 Times Square, New York, NY

237,000 SF

Moving to a new premier location, Roku focuses on their evolution as a leading technology company.
As a result of Roku's robust expansion, they relocated to 5 Times Square in New York City. Upon arriving in the reception area, one comes to a large, circular space with a central white, curvilinear desk. The space is kept to minimal white, grey and black finishes to highlight the walnut wood seating wall and the minimal purple color in the reception desk base and logo. The main feature of this space is the steel post media wall featuring 10 Roku displays as well as translucent Moxie panels of various colors.

Adhering to Roku’s furniture and brand standards, The Switzer Group designed a technology centric space with a sleek purple and grey color palette throughout. Metallic finishes and a neutral color scheme allow for the Roku purple to come through as a subtle feature color and also highlight the natural walnut wood accents.

In the adjacent space for visitors, a feature wall with 35 Roku Ultra Devices, which are back lit, is prominently displayed. A series of conference rooms and demo spaces utilize the views overlooking the city, with a focus on acoustical materials for visitor and employee privacy.

The remaining spaces on the primary floor consist of a large Townhall space with Café, Technology bar, large Training room, and an outdoor terrace. There is a 3-story interconnecting stair with tiered seating at the base to allow for seating for general work or for a large meeting scenario. A purple curtain spans the full height opening of the stair and a planter sits at the underside of the stair, fully utilizing the entire area.

The typical floors consist of open bench type workstations, mother and wellness rooms, various labs, various sized conference rooms, phone rooms, executive offices, huddle rooms and copy room. There is an additional pantry per floor with adjacent open area seating. A Roku graphic timeline wall is the feature of the pantry space to tie into the overall technology theme.

The Switzer Group developed customized graphics, branding and signage to accompany the standard Roku graphics. The Switzer Group maintained the Roku standard while still developing a theme custom to this Roku office location.

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