55 M Street

Washington, DC

20,000 SF

Interior Design Best of Year Finalist - 2021

An active and productive space that orients occupants within the context of the Washington DC Navy Yard neighborhood.
Inspiration is drawn from the tectonic of shipbuilding and steady movement of the Anacostia River to create unique elements with strong ties to place. The new, frameless entryway facade opens to the street allowing light and views into the lobby.

A rough, neutral envelope, and plantings incorporate elements of the industrial riverscape. The form of a manipulated ship skeleton creates enclosure for lounge seating. Soft finishes take on deep teal tones of the river and warmth of natural woods. A polished steel, water ripple ceiling and crisp white walls in the elevator lobby create a contrast to the texture and tones of the main space.

The terrace design combines urban materials with plantings, graphics, and furniture that reference an agrarian landscape. Pavilion structures with movable partitions provide transformable spaces for various sizes of groups to meet.

The vibe of the fitness center is that of a boutique fitness studio. The design draws inspiration from the Navy Yard’s vibrant, industrial aesthetic. The palette of the space is a mix of dark, charcoal greys with light plywood cladding and neon accents.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Walt Disney