Wells Fargo – 30 Hudson Yards

New York, NY

500,000 SF

This financial headquarters offers state-of-the-art workplace solutions that heighten innovation, discovery and future growth
The Switzer Group’s LEED Gold Certified Manhattan flagship workplace for Wells Fargo occupies 8 floors of the recently completed 30 Hudson Yards skyscraper. This flexible office environment spans 500,000 square feet and provides employees with a contemporary, high-performance workplace designed to support current and future Wells Fargo employees.

An Interior Design Magazine Best of Year 2019 Finalist, this multi-floor office is a cutting-edge workplace that enhances the employee experience of discovery, promotes recruitment and retention of the best and brightest, provides opportunity for innovation and synergism, and leads to efficiency and financial growth.

Located on the northeast corner of the 14th floor, Wells Fargo’s main reception brings both visitors and staff directly into the main trading floor, which together with the 15th floor, accommodates 1,200 users. Designed as a central hub for the organization, the reception is further activated by a feature stair and a two-story media wall that projects a series of custom video loops of natural environments intended to provide a respite from the frenetic intensity of the trading floors.

The trading levels were designed with the latest in commercial technology, providing the organization with an inventive, futureproof scheme. Innovative open collaborative spaces and agile meeting rooms add flexibility to the office environment. Further into the trading floors’ deep floorplates, the custom-designed circadian lighting and ceiling system ensures proper overhead illumination and acoustic comfort for the traders.

The administrative offices, on floors 60-66, are moored by a centrally-located Cafe space, which includes a variety of open and enclosed collaboration areas with breathtaking views of the city. The dedicated workspace seats include private offices, 120-degree workstations and touchdown seats, each offering sit-to-stand desk functionality for the 200 users who occupy each floor.

Enveloped between the administrative stack on the 63rd floor sits the multi-functional Client Zone and Conference Center, which is designed to bring guests into the heart of the organization. These spaces feature elegant materials, specialized meeting rooms, fully integrated audio-visual technology, a fully equipped serving kitchen and a seamlessly reconfigurable multi-purpose room to accommodate board meetings, lectures, banquets and special events.

The Switzer Group has contributed to the ‘Design Revolution of 100 Years’ that has changed our world.

Stanley Abercrombie, Interior Design Magazine