The Walt Disney Company

New York, New York

62,000 SF

Supporting the internal work process of a media giant's publishing and news divisions in an open work environment.
The Walt Disney Company selected a space, for their Publishing and News divisions, that was formerly a garage, resulting in very high ceilings and feeling of openness. The goal of the workplace design was to try a new way of working for this organization and emphasize collaboration through an open plan with neighborhoods to foster a sense of belonging within the larger space. In the center of the workplace are the conference rooms, breakout areas, a large reception, and edit rooms.

The specific functions of publishing and news require flexibility and teaming so the collaborative areas included large spaces for town hall meetings and multi-purpose conference rooms. Glass office fronts and graphic glass panels in the lounge and main conference room were also introduced to contribute to the open nature of the workplace. The resulting design establishes a workplace that celebrates The Walt Disney Company's creative genius, enabling individuals to collaborate with colleagues or work independently within a single, inspiring space.

The Switzer Group has contributed to the ‘Design Revolution of 100 Years’ that has changed our world.

Stanley Abercrombie, Interior Design Magazine