Financial Services Firm

Newark, New Jersey

15,000 RSF

Creating a new top grade on-air newsroom while integrating various groups within their existing office space for this international financial services firm.
Recent growth and change within this financial services firm necessitated the establishment of a vision that would integrate various groups within their headquarters building offices. Additionally, The Switzer Group was requested to create a top grade, on-air newsroom that would accommodate the various functions required for world news and financial news gathering. The intent was to provide a professional newsroom environment similar to most major TV network operations and which could also serve as a showpiece for their production department, multiple, global offices and visiting guests.

The technology used in the newsroom allows for inter-office broadcasting to the client’s many global offices as well as the outside world. Broadcast, network-quality equipment runs full time and the media wall contains a large touch screen system which allows for standup presentations to staff as well as telecast to other offices.

The Switzer Group worked with the client’s existing standards, providing a fresh modern integrated work and studio environment. The team achieved this through the use of light colored wood, wall coverings that emulate silk and elegant millwork details. A muted neutral color palette with colorful accents was used throughout the space, incorporating light walnut, white stone, brushed stainless steel and light metallic stain cabinetry and porcelain tiles.

Program requirements included multi-purpose, flexible conference rooms – both large and small – and breakout areas with a central core pantry for informal gatherings.

The Switzer Group has contributed to the ‘Design Revolution of 100 Years’ that has changed our world.

Stanley Abercrombie, Interior Design Magazine