IBM Watson IOT Headquarters

Munich, Germany

156,500 SF

2017 New York Design Awards, Gold

The Switzer Group was retained by IBM to provide architectural design development services for their IOT European Headquarters in Munich, Germany.

IBM’s goal was to attract and retain young leaders from all around the world. In order to accomplish this, they appointed a group of youth ambassadors as well as their in-house architect, to collaborate with The Switzer Group to ensure the design of work flow processes were implemented.
This location consists of the 19th floor and floors 21-29. It is a strategically themed “Internet of Things” (IOT) facility. It supports five (5) distinct groups: Health, Insurance, Automotive, Industrial and Immersion. This agile space provides a balanced ratio between collaborative spaces and fixed work stations. The program consists of conference rooms, open area workstations, private offices, a cafe/bistro on the 26th floor, and executives situated in open areas. Since The Switzer Group designed this space based on Germany’s building code standards, The Switzer Group had to be creative with acoustical solutions.

The Switzer Group also designed “quiet rooms” which utilized a Switzer custom made yin-yang shaped work area to accommodate privacy/focus need. Adotta top acoustic wood panels were used throughout the space. The Switzer Group also collaborated with a German-based lighting engineer to design and install a 500
lux lighting system over all workstations.

IBM wanted to apply Feng Shui philosophy to the design. The Switzer Group worked with a Feng Shui consultant to develop a color scheme that reflected the tree of life. Floors on the lower level are warm-earthy tones while middle and top floors are a combination of greens and blues to represent leaves and the sky.

Project Team: The Switzer Group; VOK DAMS Event GmbH; Ce+Co MAP - Industrial Design; Universal - Architecture

The designs for the new IBM work environment were well conceived, flexible, adapted to the local market and award winning. I could not have asked for a more responsive, pleasant, customer focused, collaborative team that routinely went above and beyond to ensure we met all of our project goals.

Phil Calabrese, IBM RESO Global Strategic Projects Leader