AMC Sundance

New York, New York

25,000 SF

Re-positioning the Sundance work environment to be framed within the overall AMC brand umbrella, while creating a more eclectic, efficient and synergistic office.
The Switzer Group conducted a re-stack of existing floors to improve synergy and efficiency, with the renovated office consisting of open workstations, conference rooms and meeting rooms, reception area and a kitchen/pantry. This strategic re-organization and emphasis on openness worked to increase visual contact and interactivity across the varied spaces.

It was important for the workplace to reflect a nontraditional ambiance consistent with the AMC and Sundance culture. Exposed concrete, an exposed ceiling slab and a neutral palette of grey, white and wood veneer, provided the perfect backdrop for the expression of brand identity through monumental graphics, digital media and unexpected color applications. These components provide a vibrant aesthetic, which was supplemented by a branded digitized vinyl wall covering created by an independent artist. Situated within a unique Art Deco building, the new space was designed to respect and harmonize with its context.

The Switzer Group has contributed to the ‘Design Revolution of 100 Years’ that has changed our world.

Stanley Abercrombie, Interior Design Magazine